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I want to start with the lyrics from ShataQS songs called Phoenix.

“… they bound your wings and urged you to run, so you could fit in.

They taught you a sense of unworthiness, and you lost yourself.

You’ve changed your rhythm, and they loved you as you became lifeless within…”

Upon my first encounter with these lyrics, I deeply felt that many of us can relate to them. For years, I felt like a stranger within my own body. Instead of granting me liberation and empowering me to be my best self, it seemed to limit me. I distinctly recall the moment when this disconnection happened – a teenager struggling with hip issues. My parents took me to a doctor who, after a brief examination, informed me of the discrepancy in my leg lengths and an obstruction in my lower back. No therapy, no guidance, just a declaration that I would have to live with these limitations. And the worst part, I believed him.

Over time, I became increasingly detached from myself, and my body. Whenever I witnessed dance or gymnastic performances, I’d think, “It appears so effortless – I can do that.” Yet, my body betrayed me, resisting my attempts, leaving me disheartened and lost. I no longer felt secure or at ease in my own physicality. For years, I had lost my true sanctuary.

Then, I discovered yoga. However, yoga doesn’t always burst forth with thunder and lightning, like a knight in shining armor or Thor. Instead, it can stealthily infiltrate one’s life, quietly and gradually. Such was the case for me. Initially, it appeared challenging, even impossible, and I often wanted to quit. Yet, the mat continued to call me, and little by little, we forged a friendship. I began to observe subtle improvements and changes, realizing that with each class, I could bend a little deeper or hold a pose for a little longer.

The mat became a sacred space where my body, soul, and mind came together. There, they harmonized their efforts to free me from the shackles that constrained me – much like the phoenix’s wings in the song. It became a realm where I could find my true self.

Likewise, for you, the mat can be a place where you reclaim your life, awaken your inner wisdom and learn how to listen to your intuition

I recognize that this is an ongoing journey, filled with setbacks, dark thoughts, and comparisons to others. There may be days, even weeks, without practice. But you should always know that the mat awaits you – an unwavering sanctuary where you can return, reconnect with yourself, challenge your limits, and nurture self-care.

Our bodies serve as our primary home, granting us the strength to embrace wellness and feel the life force coursing through every cell. And it is through yoga that you can achieve this.

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What benefits will practice with me bring you?

reconnecting with your body

reducing tension and blockages in your body and mind


improving you strenght and flexibility

better understanding of your needs and your body

you will learn to listen to your body and to your intuition

moment for self-care practice

finally you will feel amazing in your own body

discovering the power and strength hidden within you

How can I support You?
What sets me apart from other yoga instructors?

  • I was never a sporty girl or an athlete. Like many of you, I was a beginner yearning to look good in complex poses.
  • I bring humility and patience to the practice and the process. I understand, I vividly remember, how intimidating it can be, how you may compare yourself to others.
  • I can assist you in navigating these emotions. Together, we can create a safe haven where your practice is nurtured, and the sole person you’ll measure yourself against is the person you were yesterday.
  • I am a certified and registered Yoga Alliance teacher. Having completed a rigorous 400-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, encompassing Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Ashtanga yoga
  • I have undertaken a 50-hour Kundalini yoga course.
  • I possess the skills to help you discover a style and practice that resonate with you. We can experiment and try out different practices so you can find the one that works perfectly for you.


During individual classes, we practice meditation, pranayama (breathwork), asanas (poses), and finish with relaxation and a massage that deepens muscle release. The practice includes personal adjustments, positioning, and support in getting into each pose correctly, to ensure that yoga will support your body’s health without causing any harm.

karolina milik joga
karolina milik joga
karolina milik joga

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