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Original Women Flow

More and more women are finding themselves unfulfilled and yearning for answers in contemporary practices and beliefs that predominantly embody masculine energy. There is a void that needs to be filled and a desire for a practice that nourishes their feminine essence. This is where Original Women Flow comes into play.

This practice for women has varied across different cultures and eras, spanning numerous continents: ancient Egypt, Tibet, China, and Greece; medieval Europe and Scandinavia; and the 19th century in North and South America, Africa, Western Europe, and among the Eastern Slavs – where I have heard about it for the first time and learned it.



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How did I discover Original Women Flow?

I was seeking a practice that not only engages the body but also goes beyond the physical realm to connect with my feminine energy. Initially, dancing came to mind, but during my research, I stumbled upon information about Original Women Flow. Given my longstanding interest in mythology, I decided it was time to dive deeper into my ancestral roots. Additionally, the article mentioned that the exercises have the side effect of enhancing and enlarging the breasts – this got my attention :). Thus, in 2017, I embarked on a unique journey, engaging with women through Women’s Circles, workshops, and training.

Being in the company of women has proven to be profoundly soothing, uplifting, and motivating, changing my previous experiences. But that is a story for another time…

Contrary to what most history textbooks convey, the Slavs were spiritually and culturally advanced people who lived in a profound connection with nature. It comes as no surprise, then, that they also had psychophysical practice, which, unlike yoga, had distinct versions for both men and women. My focus lies specifically on the female version of Original Women Flow. It holds a deep association with family, ancestors, and the powerful energy derived from Mother Earth.

In our modern world, ancestral relationships are seldom nurtured, and elders are no longer regarded as sources of knowledge and wisdom. Although reconstructing the lost customs and knowledge of the Slavs is challenging due to its primarily oral transmission, fragments of this tradition have endured, allowing Original Women Flow to resurface.

Going into more details

Original Women Flow consists of twenty-seven postures, categorized into three realms, each comprising nine exercises:

The Higher World (Pravi): These poses are performed while standing and are associated with the divine realm. They govern our future and are linked to our thoughts, perspectives, and ideas.

The Middle World (Jawia): These poses are executed while kneeling and represent the reality inhabited by humans, animals, and plants in the present moment. They are intertwined with our emotions and feelings.

The Lower World (Nawia): This realm belongs to our ancestors, and the exercises are performed in the knee-elbow position. It embodies the energy of action, the inconspicuous and subconscious, and our connection to the material world.

Although there are twenty-seven exercises in total, it is not advisable to practice them all at once. Each exercise carries a distinct significance and influences specific energies within our bodies beyond the physical layer. Hence, it is crucial to perform them with intention, choosing positions that direct energy where it is needed. Consequently, practicing all positions simultaneously could overwhelm us. Gradual progression is recommended, starting with one to three positions, and eventually reaching a maximum of seven. Our bodies and emotions will guide us, indicating when we are ready for more

How Original Women Flow will benefit You


Main benefits:

Original Women Flow can be approached purely from a physical standpoint, solely focusing on the exercises without going into symbolism, energy, or circles. Even this approach will bring noticeable changes with as little as 15 minutes of daily practice. This form of movement stimulates muscles that are typically untouched by other well-known physical exercises. Active women who regularly practice yoga, fitness, or CrossFit are often surprised to discover muscles they never knew existed.

The benefits of regular practice extend beyond the physical realm. Improved posture and enhanced internal organ function (through massage) are among the physical advantages. Moreover, this flow increases body flexibility, refines movement coordination, and awakens grace and softness. In essence, our bodies become more feminine, regardless of shape and size.

  • Consciousness expansion
  • Connecting with body, intuition, and desires
  • Reconnects with ancestral power
  • Increase energy
  • More feeling, less thinking

However, it is important to note that Original Women Flow is a comprehensive psychophysical practice that profoundly impacts us on four levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Therefore, we should consider Original Women Flow as a multi-dimensional tool for self-development.

As I mentioned before, the transformation is not limited to the physical level alone. Perception of the world, people, and ourselves undergo a profound shift. Consciousness expands, we develop a positive body image and become attuned to the deepest desires, distinguishing them from external influences or fleeting whims. We awaken a sense of connection with ancestors, tap into inner power, and establish a bond with nature and the creative force. Energy levels increase, racing thoughts subside, and we become more attuned to our feelings. We become aware of the space surrounding us, drawing inspiration and understanding from it.

Are you ready to awaken the goddess within you?

Original Women Flow allows every woman to awaken the goddess within. We radiate an energy of beauty that transcends superficial aspects and emanates purely from within. Women become naturally beautiful, attuned to their body’s needs, and unafraid to fulfill them.

When embarking on the practice of Original Women Flow, approach it with openness, without expecting immediate results. Enjoy the journey. Just like anything else, approaching it with love and respect will grant you incredible rewards.

A perfect practice for women who

Want to draw from their femininity

Want to have more energy

Want to learn how to listen to the voice of their intuition

Want to make their bodies more flexible and stronger

The set of seven personal exercises

Each woman is assigned a unique set based on the Lunar Horoscope. While other positions can be practiced depending on the day or personal needs, these particular seven exercises provide the greatest benefits.

As commonly known, the Earth is influenced by energy. According to Slavic belief, there are twenty-seven energy streams, varying in intensity each day. Each day corresponds to seven energies that are particularly potent. Consequently, the set is determined based on the date, time, and place of your birth. It consists of two exercises from the higher world, two from the middle world, two from the lower world, and one exercise specifically assigned according to the day of your birth. These exercises represent the energies that had the most profound impact on the day you were born. In fact, practicing only these seven exercises for a lifetime would be sufficient. However, if you desire a deeper understanding and the creation of additional sets, I highly recommend further collaboration.

Why is it crucial to discover your personal seven exercises?

Because the energies that were most prominent at your birth will enable you to uncover your destiny and ancestral gifts. They will strengthen your best qualities, talents, and skills, helping you overcome obstacles and heal what blocks the accomplishment of your life mission. This practice serves as a tool for self-discovery, providing you with strength and confidence in your actions. Regular practice will teach you to trust your inner voice, eliminating the need to seek external validation.

In addition to the individually calculated sets, I incorporate an element of ancestral work, which involves identifying and healing the energetic burdens carried within your family. Do not be alarmed by the term burden, as it simply indicates areas of your life that require healing and specific attention to prevent recurring patterns. Taking control of these aspects will enable you to live harmoniously with yourself.

  • The exercises will unveil issues that need to be addressed, an essential component of any meaningful practice, allowing you to live life to the fullest, without repeatedly encountering the same lessons.
  • Engaging in new bodily movements will touch upon emotions that have been concealed, causing pain and tension. Letting go of these emotions is a crucial element in self-work as it unveils your true gifts.

By healing your ancestral burdens, you will unlock your full potential rooted in the primary energy you were born with.

Embarking on this path NOW and experience a miracle!

Testimonials from women who embarked on this transformative journey:

After several months of regular exercise, I noticed a significant improvement in my fitness and flexibility. Original Women Flow is perfect for women of all ages.

Ewa, 32

The classes are fantastic! Karolina pays attention to every detail, and the atmosphere during classes is very supportive. I recommend it to every woman who wants to take care of her body and spirit.

Monika, 28

At first, I was skeptical, but after the first class my friend took me to, I became an enthusiast. An extraordinary combination of movement, sounds, and emotions that brings unexpected health benefits.

Katarzyna, 49
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