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What is TimeWaver Therapy?

An innovative combination of TimeWaver Information Field technology with the use of microcurrent frequencies.

In-depth background analysis

TimeWaver Information Field Technology is used to analyze the background and interconnections at the emotional and systemic levels and to harmonize them using specific information patterns and vibrations in the Information Field.

This technology is based on quantum physics and the 12-dimensional model of the universe, according to the theory of German physicist Burkhard Heim. According to his belief, every human action, thought and emotion is recorded in the information field as a form of energy. Thanks to TimeWaver technology, this energy and information becomes available to us.

From the perspective of the TimeWaver system, a person is perceived holistically, encompassing both the physical body, and the mental sphere, as well as energy and information fields. These areas are closely interconnected, harmonizing perfectly under ideal conditions. Using TimeWaver devices, we can not only examine information fields in search of causes of disharmony or blockages but also introduce positive changes using new information patterns.

TimeWaver is also a huge database, containing over a million entries and hundreds of thousands of frequencies.

Real-time frequency determination

The use of Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF) of the TimeWaver Frequency system is innovative: the system permanently determines the frequencies to be used in real time and continuously adapts them to the customer during the application.

Thanks to the resonance analysis function, the system analyzes the duration of a given frequency matched to the client and checks the progress in the applied frequencies. At the appropriate moment, the system automatically switches to the next frequency and uses it until it is no longer needed. Check out the extensive list of symptoms that our programs can effectively address:

TimeWaver Frequency can help you with ...


Pain management

Help with the following pain symptoms:

• joint pain
• jaw joint pain
• pain in general
• back pain
• muscle pain
• menstrual cramps

• chronic or acute pain, muscle aches, fibromyalgia

• headache, migraine

Pain is not a disease, but a warning signal that shows us what damage is being done to certain parts of our body. TimeWaver Frequency's gentle treatment increases ATP production and electrolyte balance at the cellular level for both acute and chronic pain. This relaxes the muscles and nerves.


Mental disorders

Help with the following mental illnesses:

• depression, stress
• anxiety, aggression
• insomnia
• lack of concentration
• learning difficulties (in case of Alzheimer's disease)
• nicotine withdrawal
• burnout

In some cases, patients noticed an improvement in mood during TimeWaver Frequency therapy. It is assumed that the action is based on stimulation of the brain in the process of creating neurotransmitters such as dopamine, or by building electrolyte balance in the tissue.


There are many known problems with the use of antibiotics due to side effects and resistance. For infectious diseases, the TimeWaver Frequency system can be used in combination with antibiotics or can support treatment if there is no effective drug.

By using appropriate currents and frequencies, you can change the pH value of the skin. At pH levels lower than 2, viruses such as shingles and herpes can no longer spread because the environment becomes unsuitable for the pathogens to continue to exist.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine

Help with the following internal diseases:

• diabetes
• high blood pressure
• chronic wounds
• liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.)
• stomach and duodenal ulcers

TimeWaver Frequency supports proper pH balance, stimulates neurotransmitters and hormonal balance, supports a healthy intra- and extracellular environment, improves protein synthesis and ATP production, supports  protein synthesis, as well as symptomatic and systemic treatment.



Helps with:

• dislocations
• fractures
• wound infections
• sore muscles
• tissue regeneration

Injuries or contusions are any damage caused by a strong external impact, such as wounds, tissue damage and bone fractures. According to American physician and orthopedist Robert O. Becker, the body regulates the healing of wounds and injuries using electrical currents. Changing the electrolyte conditions in the area of injury can accelerate the healing of wounds, burns, bone fractures and swelling.


Skin treatments

Helps with:





•skin infections

•wrinkles and signs of aging

Our skin protects the body, regulates temperature and humidity, and performs important metabolic functions. Individual observational studies have documented positive results with TimeWaver Frequency therapy in treating cellulitis, smoothing skin, and balancing scar tissue.


Recognizing the problem

Do you feel that something is wrong, but you don't know exactly what it could be? Maybe it's weakness of the body, lack of energy or appetite? Regardless of the specific nature of your ailments, I am here to help you identify the source of your problems and discover the causes of pain and discomfort.

Thanks to the advanced TimeWaver Frequency device, you will understand your own body and mind. Together, we will develop a personalized action plan that will enable you to effectively counteract the problem, restoring balance to your health.

Recognizing the problem is a key step towards improving your health and well-being.


Discover TimeWaver Frequency’s transformational programs designed to treat a range of pain symptoms and mental health challenges, including depression, stress, aggression, addiction, and improved concentration. Unlock the potential to treat neurological or cardiovascular diseases, as well as many other indications. 

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