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Original Women Flow 7 Personal Exercises

calculated specifically for you based on your birth date, time, and place at a SPECIAL price

What is the Set of 7 Personal Exercises?

Discover the power of a tailored practice with a unique set of 7 exercises, carefully selected just for you based on the Lunar horoscope. These exercises are chosen based on the specific energies that were strongest on the day of your birth, offering you the highest level of benefits and personalization.

What give you the knowledge of your unique exercise set:

Enhances your strengths

Activates the best qualities, talents, and skills that may have been dormant until now.

Helps you overcome life's obstacles.

Reveals challenges, helps you tackle them, and heals what hinders the fulfillment of your life mission.

Gives you strength and confidence.

Regular practice will teach you to trust yourself, without the need to seek answers externally.

Only 5 steps separate you from the best version of yourself.

What can you expect from working with your set of 7 exercises?

Discover the power of your destiny and unlock your hidden talents with a unique practice that harnesses the energies present at the moment of your birth. This personalized set not only offers a deep understanding of your ancestral gifts but also provides the key to overcoming life’s challenges. Here are the benefits of knowing your “Seven”:

Who am I

My name is Karolina, and I am an instructor of Original Women Flow and Yoga. My passion is promoting a balanced lifestyle and a holistic approach to health. My work focuses on supporting the body and mind to achieve optimal health and life harmony. Combining my education in Ayurveda, phytotherapy, herbalism, and oriental studies, I offer unique and effective methods for working on the body, mind, and spirit.

As an instructor of Slavic gymnastics and yoga, I place particular emphasis on:

  • Developing body awareness: My classes help participants better understand their bodies, leading to improved overall health and energy.
  • Integrating body and mind: Through somatic practices, I teach how to harmoniously connect the body with the mind, which is crucial for achieving inner peace and satisfaction.
  • Personal approach: I tailor exercises to the individual needs of each person, allowing for maximum benefit from the classes and achieving personal health goals.

Additionally, I utilize:

  • Herbal medicine and nutrition: I leverage the power of plants and proper nutrition to support the body’s natural balance.
  • Ayurvedic therapies: Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, I adapt these practices to the needs of the modern world.
  • Biohacking: I employ innovative methods for optimizing health, using the latest scientific advancements.

I invite you to collaborate with me if you want to improve your physical and mental health and expand your knowledge of natural healing methods. Together, we can work towards creating a healthier and more harmonious version of ourselves.

Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Women Flow has been my discovery of the year! The classes are not only an excellent workout but also allow me to feel a deeper connection with tradition. I feel stronger both physically and spiritually.

Anna, 32

I never liked any form of physical activity, but Women Flow has completely captivated me. The combination of movement, breathwork, and gatherings in a circle of women is magical.

Magda, 29

After a few months of regular exercise, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my fitness and flexibility. Women Flow is perfect for women of all ages.

Ela, 45

What You Will Receive With Your Purchase:

2 Exercices from Upper World

It represents the world of the gods. It is responsible for our future and is associated with thoughts, views, and ideas.

2 Exercices from Middle World

It is the reality of humans, animals, and plants, seen here and now. It is connected with feelings and emotions.

2 Exercices from Lower World

It represents the world of our ancestors, responsible for the energy of action, the inconspicuous and unconscious, as well as matter.

Your MAIN Exercise

The exercise and energies that were the strongest at the moment you were born

Detailed meanings and affirmations for each exercise.

Detailed description of the energy and affirmations for each exercise.

Detailed and explained ancestral resources and challenges.

A detailed description of the resources you can draw from and possess within yourself, as well as the challenges you face and how to overcome them.

The key benefits of knowing and practicing your individual set:

Take control over your own life.

Take the wheel of your life by living harmoniously and following your values.

Emotional and physical transformation

New body movements stimulate hidden emotions, releasing pain and tension. This is crucial for self-improvement and allows you to fully utilize your potential.

Healing of ancestral traumas

Each exercise set includes an element of ancestral work, allowing you to identify and heal energetic blockages, paving the way for a better life without repeating destructive patterns.

Additional strength and confidence in action.

Regular practice will teach you to trust your inner voice, eliminating the need to seek validation from external sources.

Enhancing your best qualities.

This practice helps you fully develop your skills, bringing out and strengthening the best within you.

Only now can you receive your PERSONALIZED exercise set at a special price.

Do you want to dive deeper into the practice of Original Women Flow


Normal price: 199 zł

Price for You 99 PLN


Normal price: 87 zł

Price for You 47 PLN

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, this flow can be practiced in every phase of the cycle, and regular practice helps balance hormones and provides relief during and before menstruation.

Through working with and connecting to our bodies, our femininity awakens, and our hormonal system is activated, which can influence how we perceive our bodies and experience libido.

Of course, Original Women Flow can be practiced without working with energies or affirmations.

Original Women Flow is so unique that even doing one exercise a day can produce noticeable results. It’s best to practice regularly, adjusting the intensity and duration of the exercises to your current state and well-being. I recommend practicing 1, 3, or 7 positions at a time.

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